• Yuchai YC6CA series marine diesel engine(956-1176kw)

Yuchai YC6CA series marine diesel engine(956-1176kw)

YC6CA/YC6CL/YC6C/YC6CD Series Marine engine are developed for the operating condition of inland river shipping and oceanic fishing boat. It is used as the ideal power for all kinds of marine and 400-800kW auxiliary genset.
  • Yuchai YC6CA series marine diesel engine(956-1176kw)

The power of Yuchai marine engine covers 25-2200kW and has passed the certification of the world's top ten classification societies. In the application field, Yuchai engines are widely used for carrier, engineering ships, fishing boats, passenger ships, official boats, yachts and so on.

Yuchai YC6CA adaptation model:

suitable for 5000-8000 ton transport ship, 45-60 meter fishing boat, 900kW Marine generator set, etc.


Strong Power

• High efficient Turbocharged &lnter-cooled technology, higher power per liter, larger torque, sufficient power reserve, which is applicable to various working conditions with high operation efficiency.

Fuel economy

• Four-valve per cylinder technology ensure more intense combustion; lower fuel consumption, flat performance curve and wider economy working area.

Easy maintenance

• Modular design, wet cylinder liner, one cylinder one cover, side window on cylinder block, easy installation and maintainance

Compact structure

•Adoption of arc structure for cylinder block, ensure high strength and light on weight, compact small cylinder center distance, ensure whole size smaller and more compact.

Safe, reliable and comfortable

• High strength alloy cast iron body and monolithic forged steel crankshaft, special structure to prevent cylinder gasket from destroying ensure safety operation, Water cooled exhaust pipe design, effectively reduce the cabin environment temperature, safer and more comfortable.

Technical Data

Installation Drawing

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