• Yuchai YC16VC series marine diesel engine(2400-3000hp)

Yuchai YC16VC series marine diesel engine(2400-3000hp)

YC16VC machine is developed for the operating condition of inland river shipping and oceanic fishing boat, with the adoption of advanced technology of Germany, USA, Japan, fully in accordance with the European modern engine development process.
  • Yuchai YC16VC series marine diesel engine(2400-3000hp)

The power of Yuchai marine engine covers 25-2200kW and has passed the certification of the world's top ten classification societies. In the application field, Yuchai engines are widely used for carrier, engineering ships, fishing boats, passenger ships, official boats, yachts and so on.

Yuchai YC16VC adaptation model:

suitable for 1600 ~ 2000 kw power stations, Marine engineering, pumps, passenger ship, carrier, etc.


Energy conservation and environmental protection

• Electric monomer pump is a new generation of high efficiency and energy saving technology, combined with domestic and foreign advanced design, high and low water cooling technology, turbocharged inter-cooled, four valve technology, meet IMO Tierll emissions requirements, guarantee the machine both energy saving and environmental protection.

Compact structure

• Small volume, light weight, easy installation and maintenance; The camshaft using injection for treating with integrated solutions, to ensure the machine is compact.

High reliability

• Use the high strength of cylinder block structure, combined with forging steel crankshaft connecting rod with alloy steel material, significantly reducing the impact of the main shaft tile, ensure the machine is reliable and durable.

Load ability

• Using electric monomer pump technology and pioneering four implement parallel technology, to ensure the engine transient speed and load ability.

Good maintainability

• The two sides of the inlet pipe are arranged, and the maintenance is close. The cylinder and cover structure has borrowed the mature cylinder cover which has been used for many years by the model of the platform. The disk drive mechanism designed by self-patent technology is convenient for maintenance.

Technical Data

Installation Drawing

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