• Weichai WD12 Marine Diesel Engine Series (220-294kW)

Weichai WD12 Marine Diesel Engine Series (220-294kW)

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Weichai WD12 marine diesel engine series is developed based on WD 10 series with extended stroke and increased power, inheriting WD10’s large power reserve, low fuel consumption, high reliability, and convenient use and maintenance.
  • Weichai WD12 Marine Diesel Engine Series (220-294kW)

Weichai WD12 Marine Diesel Engine Series (220-294kW)

WP2.3N/WP3N/WP4.1N/WP6/WP7/WP10/WP12/WP13/M26/M33/M55 and other high-speed motor products are mainly used in high-speed boats, passenger ships, fishing boats, and main engines of inland water transportation in inland and offshore markets. and auxiliary engines; WHM6160/170/6WH17/12WH17 medium-speed engine products, mainly used in bulk carriers, passenger rollers, official vessels, marine support vessels, ocean-going fishing vessels, engineering vessels, multi-purpose vessels, offshore The main engine and auxiliary engine of the traffic management ship. CW200/CW250/WH620/WH20/WH25/WH28 and other medium-speed engine products are mainly used in the main and auxiliary engines of engineering ships, passenger ships, fishing ships and bulk carriers in the inland, offshore and ocean markets; MAN series L21/31, L27 /38, L32/40 and V32/40 products are mainly used in the main engines, electric propulsion and auxiliary engines of bulk carriers, engineering ships, multi-purpose ships, and marine traffic management ships in the offshore and ocean-going markets.


Product parameters



4-Stroke、water cooling、In-Line、

Dry cylinder sleeve

Number of cylinders 6
Cylinder Diameter/Stroke 126×155mm Displacement 11.596L
specific lub-oil consumption 195g/kW·h Oil consumption 0.5g/ kW·h
Start Mode Electric start Idling 650±30r/min
Firing Order 1-5-3-6-2-4 Smoke intensity ≤1.0Rb
Noise ≤119dB(A) Emission standard IMO TIER II

Crankshaft rotation direction

(towards free end)



Product Spectrum


Model Air intake Rated Powe(kW/Ps) Speed(r/min)
WD12C300-15 Supercharged and cold 220/300 1500
WD12C300-18 Supercharged and cold 220/300 1800
WD12C327-15 Supercharged and cold 240/327 1500
WD12C327-18 Supercharged and cold 240/327 1800
WD12C350-18 Supercharged and cold 258/350 1800
WD12C375-21 Supercharged and cold 275/375 2150
WD12C400-21 Supercharged and cold 294/400 2150


Product Features

  • Main bearing with support to have high rigidity,low vibration and low noise.
  • BMEP, specific power and other indicators are at the domestic leading level.
  • Internal and external double-circulation water-cooling: internal circulation uses fresh water to cool the engine, and the external circulation uses seawater to cool the fresh water through the sea-fresh water heat exchanger to improve the service life of the engine. Optional water jacket exhaust pipe can be used to reduce the cabin temperature.
  • The unique remote navigation monitoring system can monitor the engine speed,water temperature,oil temperature and pressure data in real time. When the engine parameters exceed the limit, it can automatically alarm and stop the engine. Turbulence mode is now added to ensure no shut-down would happen when the ship encounters wind and waves.
  • Energy-saving and fuel-saving: The properly designed intake oil supply system broadens the operating range and maintains low fuel consumption in the common working conditions and even in the speed range of the ship.
  • Powerful: large power reserve and maximum output torque of 1500N.m, bringing out fast acceleration and high speed suitable for high-speed ships and heavy-duty fishing boats.

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