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Ship Knowledge——Main equipment accessories of ships (part 2)

A ship in operation must be fitted with a wide variety of equipment. Through the application of these equipments, production operations such as sailing, berthing and unberthing, loading and unloading of ships are completed, and the safety of ships and personnel is ensured. The main equipment of the ship includes power equipment, manipulation equipment, loading and unloading equipment and safety equipment.

The first part article wrote about ship power equipment. The second part mainly writes about ship maneuvering equipment.

Ship maneuvering equipment, including anchor equipment, rudder equipment and mooring equipment, plays an important role in navigation, in port maneuvering or mooring, and is an essential part of ensuring the ship.

1. Anchor equipment

If a ship is to be berthed in a certain water area, the anchor must be dropped, and the force of the anchor to grasp the sediment at the bottom of the water, as well as the weight of the anchor and the chain, can overcome the external forces such as wind and current that make the ship drift; the anchor equipment can also assist the manipulation of the ship, such as Auxiliary operations such as U-turn in the narrow channel, docking and leaving the dock, and mooring from the buoy; after the ship is stranded, the anchor can be used to stabilize the ship's position, or the anchor can be used to pull the ship out of the shoal.

The anchor equipment is mainly composed of anchor, anchor chain, anchor chain drum, chain maker, anchor windlass, anchor chain pipe, anchor chain cabin and chain discarder.

2. Rudder equipment

Rudder equipment is the main equipment for steering the ship, which is used to ensure that the ship can maintain and change the course during navigation. It is mainly composed of rudder gear, steering gear, steering gear and steering gear and other equipment, which are respectively placed on the bridge, steering gear room and the lower part of the stern. The operation of the rudder is that the helmsman turns the steering wheel or pulls the steering handle, activates the hydraulic or electric steering gear to control the steering gear, and makes the rudder turn forward, reverse or stop.

3. Mooring equipment

When the ship is docking or leaving the wharf, mooring off the buoy, beside other ships or towing, the equipment used to tie and twist cables is collectively referred to as mooring equipment.The mooring equipment is composed of mooring rope, fairlead device, cable pulling device, mooring machine, mooring reel and attachments.

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