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Small story with customers 2

Hello everyone! Amendas story time is coming again. Today we want to share you a story regarding the customer visit us.


When you insist on sending an email to a client in Africa. Only the first email is about the product, other followed are Monday greetings. One day, he sent you an email saying that he would come to China and want to visit us. What do you think about it? At that time, you also asked his WhatsApp and added it. What you will do in the next. This story happened in the third month after I started to do export trade.


I was very amazing, and felt impossible, not only he is Africa customer(may you've all heard the story of the Nigerian prince), but also the email, i only sent one regarding the products, it is not professional.


With trepidation, I continued to communicate with him on WhatsApp, asked him about the exact goods he want to purchase, however, he did not indicate clear requirements. Just told me he will arrive Shanghai airport tomorrow night. I also asked him arrive time, that we can arrange to go to airport to pick him up. He said he has other business partner to pick him up. So we continued to invite him to visit our company on the day after tomorrow. He agreeed.


To tell you the truth, at that time, i am still not sure if he would come, since he even did share us his flight information. However, i thought do not miss any chance, then started prepare project PPT soon to share with customer soon.


Luckily,  the second day night, that customer sent me message told me he arrived Shanghai, and went to the business partner company, asked us to go his hotel tomorrow to pick him up.


In the early morning, our colleagues went to hotel picked him up, then we satretd meeting, and show them ( 2 customers, father and son) the PPT, they were attracted by our engines and shipyard. That time near 11:00 a.m, we arrange to go to the shipyard soon(shipyard is far away from our office, need drive about 4-5 hours), we even ate the lunch at the car, hehehe! When arrive the shipyard was too late, shipyard already left work. We stayed here one night, then visited the shipyard at the second day morning. Customers were very happy, then we continued to drive about 3-4 hours to go to Sinotruk engine factory, customers were very happy and liked the engine after visiting the engine  production process.


Placed an order soon on the car when we back, and paid us deposit! He said he planed to purchase small engine, now purchase bigger engine, he would make a exhibition hall to show the engine first, then install on his new boat.


This visting, I feel like it's been an amazing ride. Anyway, we should do everything well and do not miss any chance. Where there is opportunity there will be hope, and where there is hope, there will be a path to success.


After COVID-19, we also warmly welcome you can visit us.

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