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Small story with customers 1

Face to clients’ unreasonable request or against the technology, do you dare to quarrel with your client?


You may think, clients are the king, they are always right, should follow them. Or you may think, if you argue with them, they feel unhappy and do not want to deal with you, you will lose a lot.


Today I am here to tell you, do not worry! Clients also follow the trust, also very kind. If their opinions are different from yours, that is also ok. First, let's analyze. What are the major differences, then divide-and-conquer, why caused these differences, how we to do.


In the before, one of our client visited us. We have a meeting for the goods tech. Data to confirm for their boat. One cilent talked with me about the marine generator, he said he need generator 50hz/60hz at the same time, as you know, this is impossible, generator only can be 50hz or 60hz, can not be at the same time in one generator. I explained to him, that is impossible, the client had a look of disdain and told mewhy? Who tell you that is impossible. At that time, I almost broke down. And couldn't resist getting into an argument with him. Please respect the objective factsrespect the science, if we can do, why not we help you to do it instead of argue with you, we should follow the tech., please understand sir. Tech. Problem is also not decided by me, we also talked with engineers , the best way is to prepare 2pcs marine generator, 1pc for 50hz, 1pc for 60hz, that can up to  your requirements, however, it may increased your budget, we also understand you want to use one generator has 50hz/60hz at the same time, that may can help you save 1pc generator fees. Anyway, we should follow the fact, please understand !  


After saying these words, l left the meeting room, i was afraid of i could not control my mood even would be more crazy. Clam down and adjust my mood in the downstairs. About 15 minutes later, I adjusted the state of mind and returned to the meeting room, ready to communicate with the customer again. However, that 15 minutes may a golden 15 minutes, client also clam down. When I backed meeting room, he saidYou are the right, keep the generator as 50Hz is ok. At that time, the rock inside me was finally lifted!

Then our other items were go smoothly.  Before clients left China, they also paid us order deposit.


From this small story, we can know, if you are right, please insist your opinion, however, please note the way to communicate, not all customers like my customers. We should use the fact and data to let them know, sometimes only words are pale. If you are wrong, please also do not agrue, apologize and communicate with customers in time. Customers will also understand.


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