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Are propellers made of bronze?

Yes most propeller made of bronze. Propeller works every day under the water, the materials nearly only bronze could meet all the requirements, and of course there is some limitation for the shapes change when it cross hard things.
Why the propellers made of bronze, according now the global materials approve, bronze is the most economic and widely materials used up to now.
Firstly let us make it clear, that is the propeller:
The propeller is installed below the waterline of the stern, and it is rotated by the power of the main engine, and after pushing the water to the ship, it uses the reaction force of the water to push the ship forward. The propeller is simple in structure, light in weight, and high in power, and it is affected below the waterline.
We Sinooutput group ltd. Export more than 120 countries, and we have one customer from south America, he contact us many times just for inquiry for the drawings but no buy because he said, his customers do not need such good propeller.
wow? Really, did your countries do the same things! I think most absolutely not! That is non-responsible action for the buyers to issue the propeller as power, the propeller design is very strict, it should according to the boat length, width, draft, application, tonnage, speed, power and gearbox ratio and the boat rear space, many factors, usually we will ask for the following information from customers to help them to design the correct propellers, here we list the format for your kind reference:

Yes we do business is not only to sell the products, but also to sell the correct products, to make sure each customers could use them in a better performance and to achieve buyer boat navigation requirements. To sell is really very easy, but to sell in an honest way is really human beings consideration. We do business meanwhile we do the person, to keep a balance heart, to consider more to do more for customers, to help others succeed is our target. Too keep your buyers smile.
Normally most ships have 1 to 2 propellers. Some ships with high propulsion power, the number of propellers can be moreLarge fast passenger ships have two to four propellers. The propeller-generally has 3 to 4 blades, the diameter is determined by the horsepower and draft of the ship, the lower end does not touch the bottom of the water, and the upper end does not exceed the full-load waterline. The speed of the propeller should not be too high. The speed of marine cargo ships is about 100rpm, and the speed of small speedboats is as high as 400 to 500rpm, but the efficiency will be affected. The propeller material is generally manganese bronze or corrosion-resistant alloy, only few by stainless steel, nickel aluminum bronze or cast iron.
So if you inquiry a propeller from Sinooutput, we will firstly send you this chart for your check and datas collecting, then we need 2 days to calculate and design the propeller. It is very strict things, the propeller will influence the boat speed efficiency and performance.

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