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What is Advance marine gearbox HCD800?

Sinooutput here attached this Advance marine gearbox HCD800 with ratio 5.889:1, or you could call it 5.89:1 or call it frankly 6:1

Input speed 600-1800r/min
Reduction ratio 5.889 Trans. capacity 0.515kw/r/min
Control way Push-and-pull flexible shaft, electrically, pneumatically
Rated thrust 110KN
Center distance 450mm
L×W×H 1056mm*1280mm*1341mm
Net weight 2200kg
Flywheel SAE181614
Bell housing SAE000

Model HCD800A
1 Gear Drive Type Cylindrical Helical Gear Drive with External Meshing
2 Clutch Type Hydraulic Manipulated Wet Multi-Plate Friction Clutch
3 Input Coupling Type High Elastic Coupling or Rubber Tooth Sleeve Coupling


4 Input and Output Axis Center Distance (mm) 450mm
5 Matching engine rated speed 600~1800r/min
6 Reduction Ratio and Corresponding Transfer Capacity 5.8891, 0.515KW/rpm
7 Input Axis steering(face to the output forward) Counterclockwise
8 Output Axle Steering Contrary to Input Axle Steering
9 Rated propeller thrust 110000 N
10 Mechanical efficiency ≥96%
11 Direction change time ≤10S
12 Working oil pressure 1.1~1.3MPa
13 Oil grade SD/CC30 or SAE30,Tropical Areas SD/CC40 or SAE40
14 Oil capacity 40L
15 Maximum oil temperature  
16 Cooling water consumption ≥4 t/h
17 Working inclination Longitudinal 10°, transverse 15°
18 Overhaul period ≥10000h
19 Dimensions L×W×H (mm) 1056mm*1280mm*1341mm
20 Net weight 2200kg

  1. Input Axis Component

The input axis is supported by cylindrical roller bearings and deep groove ball bearings on the box body and the rear cover respectively.Input coupling and transmission gear with clutch housing are connected to the input axis through interference of conical surface.The drive gear with spline on one end is supported on the box by two tapered roller bearings.Clutch seat and drive gear are splined.The inner cavity of transmission gear acts as both clutch cylinder.Built-in piston.The inner friction plate in the clutch is connect with the outer spline on the clutch seat.Spline connection between outer friction plate and clutch housing on transmission gearWhen pressure oil is introduced into the clutch cylinder, the piston moves forward.The piston moves forward, pressing the inner and outer friction plates to engage the clutch.When the pressure oil in the cylinder is connected with the tank oil pool, the piston is returned by spring force and the clutch is detached.

  1. Drive Axis components

Drive axis components are basically the same as input shaft components except that there is no input coupling at the front end.

  1. Output Axis Component

Output axis components are mainly composed of bearings, driven gears, output shaft, output coupling,  etc.The driven gear and the output axis  are  interference joints, and the output coupling and the output axis of the gearbox are spline joints.

  1. Gearbox housing

The box parts are mainly composed of upper and lower box bodies, rear box caps, oil pumps, oil  gauges,  filters,  connecting  shells,  brackets,  end  caps,  etc.The  connection  shell  is determined by the user when ordering.Inspection windows are provided at the top of the upper box to inspect gear, clutch and other components.Oil gauge on tank for checking oil level

  1. Hydraulic control system 

Structure and principle are detailed in the hydraulic control components manual.For ease of operation,the hydraulic control component is installed on the rear cover of the drive axis. The filter with  by-pass valve  is  installed  on the oil  suction  pipeline  of the oil  pump for easy disassembly, assembly and cleaning.If long-distance control is needed, the corresponding electro-hydraulic control system can be s-elected.

  1. Input coupling part

The input end of gear box adopts rubber teeth sleeve coupling or rubber high elastic coupling, which is connected with the engine flywheel through bolts of inner gear ring.When the input end of the gearbox is a rubber toothed sleeve coupling,it can match to diesel engine flywheel SAE 14#,SAE 16#,SAE 18#,SAE 21#Special inner gear ring connection can also be designed according to user's requirements

When high elastic coupling is used at the input end of gearbox it can match to diesel engine flywheel SAE 16#,SAE 18#,SAE 21#.High elastic coupling can effectively reduce and absorb engine vibration, improve the coefficient of use and transmission capacity of gearbox, prolong service  life,  improve ship  navigation  conditions,  and  effectively  compensate for a  certain amount  of  displacement  during  installation.Nevertheless,  in  order  to  avoid  the  noise  of additional load on gearbox, users are required to adjust the alignment of the engine strictly during installation to ensure the necessary coaxiality.High elastic coupling complete set supply, in order to ensure good heat dissipation of high elastic coupling, gear box leaving the factory without side cover, users confirm the need, please indicate in the order.
7. Cooler components
Oil quasi-cooling is installed on the top side of the box and comes from the pressure oil of the oil pump. First, it is cooled by the cooler and then operated by the hydraulic control unit.When the ambient temperature is below 0℃ and the gearbox is not working, the cooling water should be discharged completely.
The gearbox and the engine are mounted on the same common base. The bolt holes of the supporting surfaces on both sides are matched with the corresponding holes of the base, and are fastened with the hinged hole bolts.
The coaxiality of the gearbox input axis and the engine flywheel must be corrected.Gearbox with housing, when calibrated with the engine, the diesel engine can be moved to match the flywheel housing of the diesel engine with the flange of the gearbox housing,Check the end faces of the two shells with a plug ruler so that the runout error of the end faces is not more than 0.1 mm.Then fasten the bolts of the gear box housing and the engine flywheel housing, and then correct and tighten the support bolts on both sides.The gearbox without the cover should be corrected so that the coaxiality of engine flywheel and input coupling is not more than 0.1 mm, and the circular jump of flange end surface is not more than 0.88 mm/(flange diameter per 100 mm). Gearbox housing is only available for special orders from customers.
The coaxiality between the output shaft of gearbox and the middle shaft (or stern shaft) of ship shafting should be corrected within 0.05 mm, and the circular run-out of flange end should be no more than 0.04 mm/(flange diameter per 100 mm).
After installation, fill the prescribed cleaning oil from the orifice cap mouth of the box window cover plate, and mark the oil surface to the upper line of the oil gauge.
Connect the inlet and outlet water pipes of the cooler and check the connecting parts to make sure that the connection is firm, no loosening and no leakage.


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