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What is the quality for Weichai marine engine WP6?

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Weichai WP6 series marine engines are totally Germany Deutz tech. Sinooutput supply you 3 years quality for this series engines.
Here firstly let us see the weichai marine engine WP6 some pictures:

for more details please come to our youtube link by searching WP6 you will get it’s more details.
This series of pressurization, turbocharged inter-cooled diesel engine according to the air inlet
points type, number of cylinders has two forms 6 cylinder four stroke, water-cooled, array,
direct injection combustion chamber high speed diesel engine, has compact structure, reliable
use, performance, fuel economy, excellent technology, advanced emissions targets, starting
fast, simple operation and maintenance is convenient wait for a characteristic, and high-speed
is the inland waterway transport, fishing boats and other small ideal propulsion of the ship.
This manual mainly introduces the main technical parameters, performance indexes, structural
features and matters needing attention in operation and maintenance of WP6/WP4 series
Marine main engine and auxiliary engine.
Users must comply with the requirements of the manual when using the engine, so as to
ensure the reliability of diesel engine and prolong its service life.
Main structural features of WP6 series Marine diesel engine

One cylinder, one cover, reliable work, easy to disassemble

High rigidity of the machine body, pre-installed camshaft sleeve, enhance the reliability of
the whole engine

Compact overall arrangement, special flat bottom, easy to ship matching
The engine main parameters as:
And how to install this engine?
1,  Lifting of diesel engine
The diesel engine will be damaged in the process of improper lifting.
Each diesel engine is equipped with two special cylinder head bolts to lift the diesel engine.
The six square end face of the cylinder head bolt is provided with M14 screw for mounting
special spanners (see Figure A) or lifting rings.
When using special spanners, screw the M14 screw holes on the two-cylinder head bolts
respectively, and adjust the center of gravity, then the derrick can be hoisted.
If lifting is carried out by means of a lifting ring attached to the cylinder head bolt, it is
recommended to use the spindles as shown in Figure B. When lifting, the crankshaft of the
diesel engine is in a horizontal state and the two slings are in a parallel state.
Should not be used with a rope, triangular hanging up.
Because the sling and the cylinder head bolt and the lifting ring are not on the same line, the
cylinder head bolt will be damaged or even broken during lifting, causing damage to the diesel
2,  Installation of diesel engine
An elastic connection shall be adopted to ensure that the crankshaft center line of the diesel
engine is coaxial with the input shaft axis of the transmission device (gearbox and gearbox)
and that the crankshaft does not bear the additional axial force caused by installation.
3,  Installation of diesel engine external connection system
The exhaust pipe of diesel engine should avoid excessive bending as far as possible; the
middle of the pipe should be equipped with expansion joint; the pipe should be supported;
The inner diameter of the exhaust pipe should be no less than 83 mm, exhaust back pressure
should be no more than 6kPa.
The outlet of the exhaust pipe located outside should add rainproof cover, in order to make the
condensate water in the exhaust pipe can discharge smoothly, can install the discharge valve
in the lowest part of the exhaust pipe.
Outdoor air intakes should be fitted with waterproof caps to prevent rainwater from entering the
air intake system.
The capacity of fuel tank should be able to meet the diesel engine working under the
calibration load for 8 hours, and its position should ensure that the outlet of fuel tank is not
lower than the inlet of fuel injection pump, and the inner diameter of fuel pipeline is not less
than 12 mm.

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