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Weichai marine engine left and right engine

Recently more and more high speed marine engines did not separate left and right marine engines. For example the weichai marine engine which are the high speed series? They are:
WP4, WP6, WP7, WP10,WD10, WD12, WP12, WP13, 6170, WHM6160, WHM8170 etc. These listed engines are all same direction for twin engines boat, then how about to connect them with the gearbox, shaft and propeller, do you think it is a questions?
For example one of our customers doubts as:
these weichai marine engines are for a pusher boat with two (2) engines and two (2) propeller/propeller shafts.
Both Weichai marine engines, as I understand, rotate "Counterclockwise" (if looking from the Stern), however, when moving forward, the shaftline/propeller on the PORT side will rotate "Counterclockwise" and the shaftline/propeller on the STDB side will rotate "Clockwise". 
If the transmission/marine gearbox is a "fully reversible" one, that is, whether it can operate with the output shaft (i.e. propeller shaft) rotating "Clockwise" (CW) or "Counterclockwise" (CCW) and with the same reduction ratio (or same propeller shaft rpm's) in both directions (CW and CCW).
So, please, as a final check, let me know your confirmation that the transmissions/marine gearbox are fully reversible (i.e. output shaft can rotate either CW or CCW) and with the "same" (or close enough) Reduction Ratio in both directions: 5.89/5.89 (Ahead/Astern or CW/CCW)  Thank you again.
We Sinooutput Group ltd. The answer as:
We of course know you need the gearboxes to connect propellers for right and left rotation, the gearbox we will do the mark to guide you to correct install is OK.
That is engine is all same direction, but the gearbox output can be left and right direction, so the propellers is left and right direction, the following chart help you better understand.

That is to say, one of the gearboxes we will change the oil direction to make it forward to r-everse, to achieve the two propellers can be both left and right direction.
Even though the engines are all anti-clockwise direction, the gearbox output side can be right and left to drive the shaft and drive the propeller to make sure the boats forward by left hand propeller and right hand propeller.
If you are still not clear, how to achieve that in actual, please focus us on whatsapp 008613564780885 or subscribe my YouTube to get further more information, and more importantly, you could receive at least 2 update per day for this shipbuilding field. So my youtube link is:
We know some river boats by single engine, then the engine and gearbox is common type, no need to worry about left and right direction, but for the propeller most customers will choose right hand direction propeller. We usually will suggest the buyer to bear in mind this.
For the ocean navigation boats, most by twin engines, or 3 or 4 to make some aux.marine engines to in case some emergency. For the twin engines vessel with the above high speed marine engine same direction is OK, and choose the different direction of the gearboxes and propellers. but for the more big vessel with twin marine engines, and the each marine engine power more than 1500hp, then should choose right and left direction for example weichai marine engine CW6200 and CW8200 series marine engines etc.

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