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What is the genuine weichai marine engine?

Sinooutput always and only do original genuine engine and newest producing date marine parts, and here today topic is the weichai engine, of course Sinooutput abide by this value message more than 25 years. We want to help more and more customers to build their ships more professionally by suitable products.
Usually we first time will recommend the buyers to buy China top brand marine engine such as Weichai and Sinotruk etc, and not other 3rd line products or the international famous brand such as perkins, Bentz, Cummins etc. (besides some special requirements customers, for example his old engine is Perkins, Bentz or Cummins etc.) to build their new ships. Why we should do like this? As you known, the perkins, Bentz and Cummins engine price are really high, not economic to the customers, even china has 6 factories for Cummins engine manufacturing. And for us, we selling high price, that will influence our yearly selling amount big, the datas will be very beautiful to us, and also we will get more refund tax from China government. But we Sinooutput refuse to do that. We just care about what will be more matched to customers requirements. We only to do long business, long customers and long market.
Here share you we dispatched the genuine weichai marine engine pictures as:

Could you see them in genuine configuration and its features.
Sinooutput Group Ltd. Selling only by uniform agent selling price, for the exact price please send us the model or power/speed, comparably, Same power WD12 is more cheaper than WD10 series, because of the cylinder block size and the valve is different.
Really there is exist some customers, they purchase the marine engines just by who offered them the lowest price, once they received the engine, they will findoh no, that is not i wanted! up to now we have at least 16 customers had been cheated by, especially weichai marine engines and cummins marine engines. To be honest we have the following conclusions:
1, the market/buyers always want lower and lowest price;
2, the seller always want to sell something to meet all kinds of requirements.
No matter what you are selling, it must be requirements is first, there is market is first, then there is the supplying followed.
3, Nearly all foreign customers thought all china products are cheapest and cheapest, so they always want to find the most cheapest price.
How to solve it?
Firstly it is an engine not a daily products, to check your local selling price, they will add 15-30% profit on it, and minus some import tax and transportation fees, it will nearly the china uniform selling price, if you find there is a large distance between them, then just pay attention that.
Secondly ask them to supply the customers information in your country for you to check the engines firstly then decide to buy, yes, we always support: seeing is believing! If seller said yes they have some customers in your country and refuse to supply you the customers information, please be care, and to find the next supplier, until who could supply you the local buyer information, then you place the order to them.
Thirdly, ask them to do video calling for the engines to see and check or arrange 3rd party to help you to test the products before dispatch.
Fourthly ask the seller to supply all the documents will be belongs to engines and the accessories lists etc.
Hope above could help you to find a suitable and genuine weichai marine engine. No need to say thanks, haha, hope we could help you more!

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