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How to distinguish which is original weichai and which is copy weichai?

Here firstly send you some pictures for your compare:
Let us to see this type, saying it is weichai marine engine WD10 series. Where did i get these pictures? They are just from our south America customers, they share these pictures and told us: We purchased from China *** supplier for this weichai marine engine, the price is cheaper than yours. Yes they must cheaper than us, because they are not original. Please be careful when you meet so lower price against the market uniform price.

From these pictures, you will discover what?
No weichai logo
No weichai steel print
No weichai stickers
No weichai standard package
Yes it is not original weichai? So you could get this engine by lower price.
How to know it is not original, once gain:
1, the each cylinder cover with weichai steel print with logo.
2, each parts such as: intercooler, heat exchanger, alternator, starter, filter, oil cooler cover, turbocharge all with weichai stickers with logo.
3, the nameplate manufacture please attention, it must be weichai.
4, the each pipes and whole with attention and guidance.
5, the cylinder block with weichai series NO.
6, the monitor and display showed navigation NO.1 and the display showed navigation NO.2.
7, the accessories package all with weichai standard package.
Do you want to see the real weichai engine looking, please focus on Sinooutput web  or Youtube [email protected] for more details, we will update at least two trends for your better understand the marine field.
And also please follow us for next Blog topic as: What is the genuine weichai marine engine?  You will more clear it, and figure it out from others.
And here we also have some soul questions, we all human beings, we are more clear what we need and what we want, but most the buyer just decide to buy or not adjudging by its selling price, why? Please tell me, yes there is always no lowest price all over the world, each lower price must has its own unknown datas.
Each seller wants to earn money right? And each buyer wants to save money right? Yes we all both right, that is the business rules.
What kind of seller could earn more money:
1, if the seller wants to earn money and his business products scope is international famous brand or China top brand, if selling by lower price, he will loose more, loose for what, today loose, tomorrow loose and future loose, why? Even he wants to gain some market and some new customers, he could sell by uniform price and supply some few gifts together with this products, do you agree? Now nearly all over the world the price are all transparent.
2, if the seller wants to earn money, the products is from his own design and has some patent could solve some society problems, yes he could increase the price and earn money, that is no problem.
3, if the seller wants to earn money, by selling the famous brand products very lower price, what he will do, he must to do something revise or re-condition or the fake products, you are more smart, could understand what i talk about.

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