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Does Weichai WD12 series marine engine in good quality?

Weichai marine engine WD12 is updated from the old model WD618, this series engine with power from   300hp to 400hp, speed is 1500rpm to 2150rpm. Emission IMOⅡ, 6 cylinder marine engine, inline, electrical start, mechanical pump.

Besides of the advantages of its stability and safety, it also has many other features such as:
The torque can up to 20-35%, displacement 11.976L and the more fuel saving, the mini. fuel consumption is, the first overhaul time can be 20000h after using.
The weichai marine engine WD12 series is double closed cooling system by fresh water cooling and sea water cooling. The fresh water pump is stalled on the engine when dispatched, and the sea water pump is separate package in a paper carton, the ship owner could install freely according to the engine room space, when in stall the sea water pump, please just make sure the correct rotation direction is OK, then connect by belt, very easy operation.
Before you start the engine please firstly carefully read the operation manual to check the each pipes, to check the oil enough or not to check the diesel NO. And to check the remote control monitor cables and sensors well connected.
Weichai this model WD12 engine is equals to Sinotruk D1242 series, but Sinotruk marine engine D1242 series max. Rated power is 450hp, even some customers mark it as 475hp or 495hp. But weichai WD12 the injection pump is adopted PS7100 series, and Sinotruk D1242 series engine adopts the injection pump is PS8500 the upper type. And Sinotruk structure for cylinder block is EUROIII and Weichai D12 series cylinder block is only EUROII. So comparably this aspect Sinotruk is supper than weichai, and the price of course Sinotruk is competitive than Weichai, now please check which one is your needed? Maybe you will say: I will choose Sinotruk because of above features, and maybe you will say: i will choose weichai, because my last boat just used it, I am familiar with it. I think no matter which one you choose, you must have your own reasons. One more thing, please keep in mind, weichai and Sinotruk marine engines more than 85% parts are exchangeable, to choose the one you like, you are the winner!
Weichai WD12 marine engine mainly used for the fishing boats, because of its frame main bearing structure and the high speed, and it add the wind and waves, to make sure the boat will not stop even during the large wind and waves. the high injection pump, turbocharger and injector configuration also help it gains market good. IMO TIREII emission could meet some Europ customers requirements.
And the navigation monitor and panel full functions, please see from this chart:

There is one remote control monitor and 25m or 45m optional cables with sensors and the panel, we usually call the control monitor is navigation NO.1 and the panel called navigation NO.2.
As you known, the remote control monitor/navigation NO.1 is used for installed on the top of the engine, and the navigation NO.2 is used for installed in the driving room as captain habit, maybe on the wall or maybe on the steering system panels. So what about if the captain and the screw want to install the navigation NO.2 both on the wall and on the steering console panel? now what I want to tell you a good news is we could do with 2pcs of navigation NO.2 for your special requirements. Haha, so work with SInooutput to make sure you will get more surprise.

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